Vaight II - Multichannel Audio/Videoinstallation Volksb├╝hne Berlin, Germany

A 4-channel audio/video-installation created for the theater "Volksbühne" in Berlin, Germany

According to a concept developed by the German painter Theo Altenberg and Djuna Lou Finnidee, four of his large scale oilpaintings were scanned and then digitally manipulated by Konstantin von Sichart. An individual "soundtrack"was composed by Lukas Taido for each of the four paintings / digital animations. While each soundtrack can exist by itself, all four can be listened to simultaneously.

In the final Installation, special screens were developed by the art department staff of the theatre, that would provide good reflecting characteristics as well as maximum sound permeability. Due to this, each of the speakers fed by an individual audiochannel could be placed concentrically directly behind the screens, creating the impression of the painting itself emmitting the sound.

Duration:  6 minutes seamless loop

Technology: Digital animation and manipulations of oil on canvas, customized screens, 4 channel audio, 4 projectors